Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lies by The Thompson Twins (A Blast From The Past)

The Thompson Twins direct from the eighties.  A Band that featured no twins but three totally different looking members.   However their techno sound was perfect to the eighties

Monday, June 27, 2016

Daenerys and the Targaryens - You Know Nothing Jon Snow

Daenerys and the Targaryens is a female fronted Game of Thrones themed punk band out of Denver, CO. Daenerys and the Targaryens was formed on a couch in Astoria, Queens in 2013 while watching Daenerys and Drogo make love for the first time. 

Also known as Dany and the Targs, this killer Game of Thrones band blends hard punk  with clever lyrics to make any die hard GOT fan piss with excitement. 

Whether you are a Game of Thrones junkie or just into catchy punk, Daenerys and the Targaryens are guaranteed to leave you with songs stuck in your throat and a burning in your belly for more!

My Review:
While I am not a Game of Thrones Fan I love the energy and the wit of this band.  They remind me a little of Fear except for the female lead singer.   The amazing part is this music could become a cult classic with Game of Thrones Fans.  

Here is a little bonus for you to see the fun side of this band.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Off The Ground by The Record Company

The Record Company - Off The Ground

The Record Company write and play raw, sincere rock n' roll. Influenced by the rough honesty of their heroes--bluesmen like John Lee Hooker, early punk bands like The Stooges, and rock greats like The Rolling Stones--their sound incorporates slide guitar, distorted bass, a garage-sale Ludwig drum kit and the heartland-hued voice of Chris Vos, who grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm. The three-man group started in late 2011, hanging up some old mics and recording live in the bass player's living room in Los Feliz, CA. The Record Company have since played concert halls across North America, opening for acts as diverse as B.B. King, Social Distortion, Buddy Guy, Grace Potter, and Trombone Shorty. The band toured Europe supporting Blackberry Smoke in Oct-Nov 2015, and their first full-length album is due out on Concord Records on February 12, 2016.

My Review:
Okay a raw Blues Band form Los Angeles?  Well that is actually what The Record Company is, a through back to the southern rock / blues sound from the 70's. This song is great for sitting around and knocking back a few cold brews in my opinion!

Okay it is your time to chime in and tell us what you think of 
The Record Company and the song Off The Ground.